Scope of Homoeopathy

Homoeopathy is regarded as the second alternative system of medicine which is gaining very quick popularity among all age groups worldwide due to its simplicity in curing your long-term and short-term health concerns.

Below are the factors that led to its wide acceptance:
  • No painful surgeries required: It’s very common for old age and children mainly to be reluctant about painful treatments. You need not worry about this with Homoeopathy.
  • No side effects: With Homeopathy one need not worry about any harmful side effects of the medicine that you intake.
  • No specific diet control required: Homeopathy doesn’t insist on any kind of strict diet control during its treatment, the patient can enjoy the food of his choice.
  • Compatible for any age group: Homeopathy is effective for all age groups from newborn babies to old age.
  • Cost-effective: Cost is the major concerning factor for a person to consult a doctor to treat his / her health issues, with Homeopathy every class of society can enjoy its benefits and the treatment cost is comparatively far less than the conventional treatment method.
  • Effective in lifestyle disorder management by nullifying the effect of diabetes, hypertension, obesity…etc.
  • The drug-induced disease can be easily treated by Homeopathy.


What is an online consultation?

Online consultation is a mode of treatment where the doctor and patient meet each other via audio/video through mobile phones, computers…etc. on a mutually predefined time slot.

Imagine a situation when you are ill and you need a doctor consultation, but your health is not permitting travel to a hospital/clinic. In this case how about a doctor coming virtually to your home and doing the treatment?

You as a patient would be excited right!!!

Yes, the above is just one situation showcasing the benefit of online consultation. Below stated are a few more



Benefits of online consultation

  •  No traveling is required to the hospital.
  • Doctor-prescribed medicines come to your doorstep.
  • Long waiting hours at hospitals can be the choice 
  • The choice of a doctor is in your hand.

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