Living in the era of technology where anything and everything is available on the internet be it a size of a mustard seed, treating a disease of any severity can also be made to some extent through your mobile in your comfort zones, which is the biggest advantage of online consultation.

Many people think that online consultation requires a lot of tricky procedures, whereas it is easier than taking a token from the hospital. In an online consultation, a doctor could be consulted through a voice call, video call, through chats using various applications available in the store, and you can communicate your complaints and queries regarding the disease which would help the doctor in studying your complaints in detail and prescribe the most suitable medicine after careful comprehension.

One of the other advantages of online consultation is that the time consumption by online consultation is minimal, you don’t need to wait in long queues or change your schedule or take a leave for the only purpose of consulting a doctor as in online consultation one could consult a doctor irrespective of their place or situation.

It’s always difficult for elderly patients or bedridden patients to go to the hospital in person and consult a doctor, thus online consultation could be a great relief for these patients. Some patients miss out on some symptoms due to the anxiety of the moment of consultation or feel ashamed to say some symptoms to the doctor. This could be avoided through online consultation

At times there are situations like unavailability of the prescribed medicines in the pharmacy and the patient has to either wait or search for the medicines in other pharmacies. But, when consulting online the hospital sees to it that all medicines are delivered to the patient at once.


Basil’s homeo hospital is one of the best leading online homeopathic consulting hospitals in Kerala which is providing its services across 25 countries with 50+ doctors. It is the first IHRC-accredited homeopathic hospital in Kerala. Case processing and diagnosis are done using European-developed software. Original german based medicines that are imported directly from Germany are used in their treatment, which will be delivered to your home.

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Dr. Hiba Abdul Majeed

Dr. Basil’s homeo hospitalDelhi, Kerala, and now on your mobile phones.

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