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What is a fistula: how to fix it without surgery?

Piles, fissures and fistula are the most common diseases in our country. And these three are generally called '.

'piles'. In the same way, people call a fissure, which is a crack in the anus, a fistula, which forms a small channel from an abscess, and a mole, which has a small thickening of arteries at the anus, as piles. Those who have this disease are hesitant to ask doubts, see a doctor or tell others about this disease. Therefore, these diseases, which can be treated in a very simple way, later on, turn into serious diseases.

Fistula, for the common people to understand - there are small glands like sweat glands at the end of our anus. Bacteria get collected here. A channel gets created for this infection to come out. In this way, it drains and forms a small hole outside. This hole forms a canal between the outer and inner holes. Thus, a fistula is a canal formed so that the stool passes through other ways than that of the anus.

If the canal gets infected like this, naturally there will be pus, there will be blood, there will be gas as well as there will be discharge and you will see a greasy liquid and bad odour


- In the first stage, there will be a small lump

- It will be seen around the anus

- severe pain

- pus secretion

- bleeding

- discharge

- Musty smell

- Stool may come out

- Stool may come out

- flatus will come out

- Excruciating pain during stool and urination

- It will be difficult to sit

The part may be red and feverish, shivering, and chilly: in the first days it may be inflamed, swollen and burst out with oozing of the pus out of it, and later on, we see it as a hole.

Based on the location, it is called 'high anal fistula' (from the top of the anus) and 'low anal fistula' (if it starts from the bottom).' To diagnose the disease, we can do an X-ray, CT, colonoscopy MRI, and MRI fistulogram and we can understand how far it has spread.

Here are some things you can do at home

1: Sitz bath-take three-quarters of warm water in a basin (warm enough for our body) and put 4.5 spoons of rock salt in it, then sit in it for 10 to 15 minutes 3 times a day, it is good to reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain. It will help in cleaning the area as well

2: Avoid food that leads to constipation

3: Sleep well

4:Avoid stress

5: Get up early

6: Exercise

7: Drink plenty of water

8: Have good toilet habits. Don't delay going to the bathroom.

9: Don't immerse too much. Don't hold it while travelling etc. Take it simply as a natural phenomenon.

10: Do not use the toilet for a long time.

10 Tips for Healing

1. Stay hydrated (drink water according to the situation, considering the site and situation of work as well)
2. Avoid smoking and drinking
3. Eat food that is good for the stomach.
4. Eat fruits, Mustard, orange and lemon. Eat more greens.
5. Eat leafy greens and pulses in salads.
6. Include oats, ragi, corn and fibre-rich fruits and vegetables.
7. Avoid junk foods, coloured foods, non-veg, chicken, and eggs as much as possible.
8. Exercise
9. Go to bed early and wake up early
10. Eat on time.
11. Avoid stress.
Can it be cured without surgery?

We can cure it not only with the surgery but also with medicine.. but not all diseases can be cured with medicine. By assessing the severity of the disease, we can decide whether it will come under our control with medication or if surgery is needed.

It can be effectively treated with Homeopathy. Treatment for the cause of the disease, infection, abscess formation and wound is given and assessed how much it is controlled. Homeopathy can be used by all ages and has no side effects and can easily reduce the complications of fistula.


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