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Fissure: Fix without operation

A fissure in the anus is something that is not even understood properly and is secretly postponed and treatment is denied. Often people misunderstand whether it is piles and hesitate to even say it, and this disease eventually leads to a big health problem. It is often seen as a condition that is mistaken for cancer due to its pain and stiffness. Let's understand what is fissure, what are its symptoms, how to distinguish between piles and fissures, what to watch out for and what to avoid.

Fissures are cracks at the end of the anus, just like fissures on our feet. The fissures are very painful.


- Severe pain during stool

- Difficulty passing stool.

- Stinging pain, itching around the anus for several hours, redness, swelling, soreness, and presence of black and dark-coloured blood.

We need to understand piles, which is a condition in which the arteries in the anus are swollen, and fissures, which is a cracks at the end of the anus. But although these two are different, the symptoms we see are all the same


- The main reason for this is a lack of proper bowel movement when the stool becomes thick and exerts a lot of pressure on the affected area.

- Consumption of overcooked fast foods that cause indigestion

- Obesity

- Uncontrolled diabetes

- Pregnancy

- High consumption of non-veg food

- lack of water in the body

- Lack of leafy greens and vegetables in the diet.

How to solve

- Avoid continuous sitting. Those who sit for more than an hour can walk for five to 10 minutes. This causes increased blood flow to those areas.

- Avoid overly fatty and fried foods.

- Avoid non-veg as much as possible, especially chicken, egg, and beef.

- Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Eating fibre-rich foods can help with proper digestion, so include sweet potatoes, leafy greens, oranges, lemons, and limes which are vitamin C-rich foods.

- Drink 2 to 3- litres of water daily

- Adopt healthy toilet habits. Going to the toilet for hours continuously and sitting on the toilet for a long time will increase the difficulty, so correct the toilet habits.

- Bring regular sleep and stress to normal

- Avoid overcooked, fast foods, non-veg packet foods and include proper salads in your diet.

- Keep obesity and uncontrolled cholesterol and sugar under normal conditions as much as possible.

Small tips that you can do at home

- on experiencing excessive pain and the presence of bleeding blood, difficulty in passing stool and burning after stool, one thing that can be done at home is "sitz bath". After adding two teaspoons of rock salt to basin filled with luke water and sit for 10 to 20 minutes , this will reduce the swelling, itching, burning and presence of blood in those areas.

You can consult a doctor even if you have done all of the above carefully and in unaltered conditions. Homeopathy has very effective remedies for fissure. Medicines are selected after a clear psychological and physical analysis of each patient.


best homeopaty hospital in kerala
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best homeopaty hospital in kerala
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