Are you Heartbroken about not having a child? Here are the 5 things to ensure your pregnancy along with treatment.

What is infertility?| Type of infertility| causes for infertility| lifestyle factors| treatment| 5 things to take care of during intercourse.

Many couples suffer from infertility which affects their mental physical and ⁰ aspects of life. For some, it’s sadness, that prevails but for others, it might be embarrassing and stressful which may tear apart even their marriage. There are ‘n' number of couples who have tried every possible treatment or method to get pregnant but failed and were filled with desperation and frustration. Here are 5 very important things which are to be noted during intercourse which help to easily get pregnant. These are a few tips which were extracted from my clinical and learning experiences I got from my practice in homeopathy for infertility treatment.

What is infertility?

It is a condition in which couples are not able to conceive a baby even after 12 months of regular intercourse without any use of birth control measures.

Types of infertility

There are mainly 2 types of infertility,

  • Primary infertility: where the couples are not able to conceive a baby at all even after regular intercourse for a year without any use of birth control measures.
  • Secondary infertility: where the couples previously have a kid but are not able to get pregnant now.

Causes for infertility

1. In males

  • It may be caused due to various reasons such as an infection or cancer of the testis, due to ejaculation disorders, hormonal imbalances, decreased sperm count, less active sperm, etc

2. In females

  • It can be caused to high levels of prolactin, PCOS( polycystic ovary syndrome), thyroid hormonal imbalance, poor egg quality, fibroid, Endometriosis, etc

Lifestyle causes:

  • Overheated testicles- the increased use of hot tubs, wearing tight clothes and working for long hours in hot environments can damage the sperm that is produced.
  • Smoking increases the chances of infertility in both males and females. Passive smoking also has a link to low fertility. It also has the power to induce abortion.
  • Alcohol misuse: excessive use can cause the reduction of sperm count and may also affect IVF,( in vitro fertilization) treatment.
  • Obesity is the main cause for erectile dysfunction
  • Stress- as it could lead to less sexual activity. Stress can increase after being diagnosed as infertile, this 8can lead to vasoconstriction and thus decreased levels of testosterone and sperm production.
  • Nutrition- unhealthy diet could lead to fertility problems in both males and females
  • Caffeine – increases the risk factors for abortion or stillbirth as studies
  • Radiation- increased cell phone usage also have been linked to a decrease in progressive motility of sperm, decrease in sperm viability, decrease in sperm count, etc


There are a variety of infertility treatment methods available at the moment.

Homeopathy medicines for infertility treatment is one of none invasive simple and easily accessible methods of fertility treatment. It considers patients as a whole component and takes up mental emotional and physical aspects and analyses the cause for infertility in all the planes and prescribed homoeopathic fertility medicines after careful analysis of the case. There are many successful case stories in the field of homeopathy where cases have found results without IVF treatments or cases which did not find any success despite doing IVF therapy.

5 important things to be taken care of during intercourse

The 5 important things to be taken care of during intercourse along with homeopathic treatment for infertility to ensure pregnancy is :

  • Try to have intercourse early in the morning and also during the new moon as it increases sperm production during this time when the scrotum is cold.
  • Try to have a sitz bath before intercourse to give a cooling effect to the scrotum to increase sperm quality.
  • Right after menses stops try to have intercourse for 4-5 consecutive days.
  • Try to ejaculate in the female with her knee elbow and lay down in a prone position for about half an hour and then only wash.
  • Avoid pumping into the vagina during ejaculation, instead, keep steadily pressed and wait till the penis retracts on its own and reduces it’s size.

Thus there are a lot of couples who suffer from infertility and who might have undergone various kinds of therapy. Homeopathic medicines for infertility has found success in many number of cases along with these general management ,so do not lose hope, keep trying with a positive attitude along with homeopathic medicine and make your life prosperous. To know more about homeopathic medicine for infertility, kindly visit our website and talk with our expertise.

Dr Hiba Abdul Majeed

Senior consultant

Dr. Basil's homeo hospital